Bubble Frenzy Machines

Bubble Machines

Bubble Frenzy machines are the highest quality, highest volume bubble machines made in the world. They are built for heavy, long-term use. All prices below are subject to appropriate state and federal taxes as well as shipping and handling charges. Please call us to find out about discounts for the purchase of multiple machines. Any machine which is "made to order" will require a %30 deposit with the balance due immediately upon delivery.

Bubble Machine Prices


Bubble Capacity Per Minute


Bubble Frenzy-100



Bubble Frenzy-200



Bubble Frenzy-Professional



Bubble Solution

Although the Bubble Frenzy machines will work with almost any bubble solution, we recommend our specially formulated bubble solution which limits messy frothing. The solution is available in 1 gallon containers or 55 gallon drums.

Bubble Solution Prices




Bubble Frenzy Solution

1 Gallon Containers (4 to a Box)


Bubble Frenzy Solution

55 Gallon Drum



Each Bubble Frenzy Machine is individually crafted to meet exacting standards. All electrical parts are UL approved. Those products manufactured by us are guaranteed for a period of one year, unless otherwise specified, from the date of purchase to be free of defects in material and workmanship to the original purchaser. All other items are warranteed by their individual manufacturer.

For more information please call:

Las Vegas Sales: M & M ROBOTICS Phone 702.269.9744

Chicago Sales: BECKETT STUDIOS Phone 312.943.9030